Discover Iran with its rich culture, friendly people, beautiful landscape, and delicious foods. Your first trip to ancient Persia should be special. At Ayapir Tours we can only promise to make your trip unforgettable by keeping things intimate and local.

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We keep our price low, provide professional guides, and unique tours. 

Now it’s a good time to visit Iran as it’s not overwhelmed by tourists yet. Iran is safe and its diversity in culture, food and landscape make it a unique place to visit.

Our skilled tour guides are all licensed, well experienced and highly understanding of other cultures and languages.


We provide small sized group Iran tour packages, including to villages. You’ll be amazed by the breathtaking view of Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque in Isfahan and landscape through the central desert.

Like the Persian carpet that displays plenty of colors and forms, Persian culture is the glue that bonds different ethnics in Iran. Our cultural Iran tour packages combine visits to famous cities in each tour, such as Rasht, Shiraz, Tehran and Mashhad, with journeys through the countryside to catch a glimpse of hidden Iran.

The itineraries are carefully selected to introduce visitors to the wealth of Iranian history and culture. Each tour is led by a qualified English-speaking guide. We work with local Persian guides to enhance the experience through their local knowledge of certain regions.

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Grand Bazaar Isfahan

iran tour packages; a bronze statue of a parthian nobleman found in a village near izeh town ayapir khouzestan150 AD
Parthian nobleman 150 AD 
National museum Tehran


1. You’ll need to send us your passport copy and pay a deposit before we get your Iran visa authorization code. Email us a month before your trip to Iran and two months if you are a citizen of the U.S., UK or Canada.

You will get a free visa authorization code if you book a tour with us.

2. We’ll then send you the visa authorization code after 10 working days. You need to go to the nearest Iranian embassy where you can apply for your Iranian visa. Let us know once you collect your visa.

3. Now you can book the rest of your travel arrangements. Before you know it you’re arrived in Iran and your adventure has begun.

4. You’ll be seeing Iran like a local, a real experience, full of delicious food and culture. Walk up the stairs of Ali Qapu grand palace for a panoramic view of turquoise domes. Continue to picturesque Persepolis. In our trip we’re always surrounded by the stunning desert foliage and old villages that make Iran unique. Discover more !

Our Iran Tour Packages

Iran Desert Tour

Classic Iran Tour

Western Iran

Alborz to Zagros

Ancient Persian Culture


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